"It's 1998. You get home from school, hurl your bag in the corner and kick back in your trusty beanbag. The high-pitched whine of the CRT turning on fills your heart with joy. You flick through the channels - Byker Grove, The Crystal Maze, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air - but you ain't feeling it. You press "TXT" on your remote and are welcomed by that familiar tune. Cast in a blue glow, a smile begins to creep across your face. You're in TTEXT."
TTEXT is a retro television adventure game played with a TV remote. The game was created in Unreal Engine, using an Arduino and a Teletext page editor. The prototype was developed for the Abertay Alt Controller Jam and first demoed on 06/03/2020 at the Alt Controller Jam Showcase.
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