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We're a micro game development studio with a combined 7 years of industry experience in mobile, console and PC development.


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Are we alone in the Universe?

Ascendant invites you to explore a procedurally generated constellation of other people's thoughts, each taking the form of a unique star. Leave your mark on the Universe; share short words of wisdom, encouragement, dreams, memories, or moments that were special ton you. Each thought you share helps make our universe feel that little bit more connected.


Perfect Paints

Perfect Paints is a virtual factory created in collaboration with QSE Limited for the purpose of internal auditor training for ISO Quality, Environmental and Health & Safety business management standards. Perfect Paints helps trainees visualise elements of a business relating to quality, environment, H&S by taking them through simulated scenarios, making auditor training an immersive, enjoyable experience.



It's 1998. You get home from school, hurl your bag in the corner and kick back in your trusty beanbag. The high-pitched whine of the CRT turning on fills your heart with joy. You flick through the channels - Byker Grove, The Crystal Maze, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air - but you ain't feeling it. You press "TXT" on your remote and are welcomed by that familiar tune. Cast in a blue glow, a smile begins to creep across your face. You're in TTEXT.
TTEXT is a retro television adventure game played with a TV remote. The game was created in Unreal Engine, using an Arduino and a Teletext page editor. The prototype was developed for the Abertay Alt Controller Jam and first demoed on 06/03/2020 at the Alt Controller Jam Showcase.
 You can view our project reflection on our blog:
Project Reflection: TText

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